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Welcome to the Thornbrook Homeowers Association official web site. Thornbrook is a beautiful subdivision of 125 homes with a pool, tennis courts, small lake, and nature trail. Thornbrook is located in Marietta, Georgia (Cobb County) within a short drive to Atlanta and Hartsfield Airport. Please click on the left hand menu to access data regarding our neighborhood:
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 On the current home page, you will find:

The Board considers this site a living document and encourages your participation. If you have any suggestions or would like to submit information to be posted, please contact the THOA by emailing theboard@thornbrookhoa.com.


Thornbrook Pool Rules and Regulations 2021

The pool will open on Saturday, May 15, 2021. Please note that under Georgia law, there is no liability for an injury or death of an individual entering the pool premises if such injury or death results from the inherent risks of contracting COVID-19. You are assuming this risk by entering these premises.
Each residence is given one (1) key card that provides access to both the pool and tennis courts. A charge of $50 will apply for any lost or misplaced key cards.
• Pool hours are:
    Sunday - Friday   8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
    Saturday   8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
• There is no lifeguard on duty at the pool.  Swim at your own risk.
• Pool is for Thornbrook residents only.  ALL non-residents, unless accompanied by a Thornbrook homeowner, will be asked to leave.
• All children 15 years and younger MUST be accompanied by an adult.
• ALL babies MUST wear plastic swim diapers when in the pool.
• No running, diving, boisterous or rough play allowed.
• Food and drinks are permitted in pavilion area ONLY based on health code restrictions(*).
• Noise level must be so it does not disturb others.
• Please keep gates locked at all times.
• No smoking or drug use.
• Persons with communicable disease, skin, eye, or nasal infections should NOT enter pool.
• No animals permitted in pool area at any time except for guidance animals.
• Absolutely no glass permitted in pool area.
• Evacuation of the pool area is required during rain, thunder, or lightning storms.
• Maximum number of swimmers in the pool shall not exceed 50 persons.
• No skateboards, bikes, or scooters are allowed in the pool area.
• Appropriate swimwear must be worn at all times (no cut-offs, diapers, etc.).
• Please keep the restrooms clean, pick up trash before you leave, and return all furniture to its proper place(s).
* Source: O.C.G.A. - 290-5-57-.21 Food Service: 2) Eating, drinking and smoking shall not be permitted within the waters of the pool, spa or
recreational water park but are permitted on the deck area at a distance of least ten feet (10') horizontally away from the water’s edge. Editor:
This regulation effectively bans food from virtually all of the Thornbrook Pool fenced in area, except for the garden area and part of the pergola,
which makes a full ban the most practical solution.
Tennis Courts
• No one shall not use the tennis courts as a play area, which includes bike riding, skateboarding, roller
   blading, etc. as prohibited activities.
• No pets are allowed inside the tennis court area.
• An adult homeowner must accompany guests at all times while at the courts.
• Please lock the gate when you leave the tennis courts.

Common Areas
• No dumping of yard debris in our common area, particularly the area around the lake and the nature
Fishing is forbidden.
• All pets shall be on a leash per Cobb County Leash Law – Violations should be reported to Cobb
  County Animal Control (770-499-4136). Even the most well behaved pets can act unpredictably.
• Please clean up after your pet (i.e., a pooper scooper, baggies, etc.).
• It is in violation of Cobb County Codes to let dogs urinate on lawns, ornamental plants and flowers.


Parking On Our Streets

The Board continues to receive complaints about cars being parked on both sides of the streets in our subdivision.  
Cars are not to be parked along the curb or in a cul-de-sac “as a matter of course” and should be parked in driveways or garages. All commercial vehicles including those with advertising decals and logos must be parked either off site or inside your garage. If you would like to report hazardous road situations in our subdivision, please call (770) 499-3987 or (770) 499-3911. 


2021 Annual Meeting and Dues

This year's Annual Meeting of the Association was held on March 1, 2021. Representatives are elected to serve your interests for the coming year. All 5 board seats are elected each year.  Board members are elected by you – the resident - as volunteers who put in time and effort to do the duties of HOA requirements. 

 The annual dues invoice and trash bill are sent at the beginning of the new year.  The Board has managed to hold the contract prices for landscaping, pool maintenance, and pond maintenance steady for another year. Please pay the annual dues and trash invoice when received and make payable to Thornbrook HOA, Inc., 3595 Canton Road, Suite 116-238, Marietta, GA  30066

Please email the board at theboard@thornbrookhoa.com or write us at Thornbrook HOA, Inc., 3595 Canton Road, Suite 116-238, Marietta, GA 30066


Neighborhood Board and Committees Looking for Volunteers for 2021.

The Thornbrook Homeowners Association’s Board of Directors is seeking volunteers for Committee posts.

If you are interested in or would like to submit a name of an Association member to be considered by the membership at the Annual Meeting, please write or email their names to the Board. Any homeowner or spouse of a homeowner is eligible for a board position. The Board meets once-a-month to perform the business functions of the corporation and the association.

Please consider volunteering for these important posts. Below is a list of some of the Committees for 2020 and a brief description of each. 


Welcoming Committee

The Welcoming Committee is responsible for welcoming new homeowners to Thornbrook and making certain they have a copy of the Thornbrook Homeowners' Association Covenants and Bylaws, and our Welcome letter.


Social Committee

The Social Committee is responsible for planning social events like the Halloween Party, Annual Tree Lighting , 4th of July Party and the Progressive Dinner in the subdivision. The Committee works with the Board to plan the events and communicate them to the residents.


Beautification Committee

The Beautification Committee suggests to the Board the needs of the common areas. The committee also selects a Yard of the Month during the summer months. Winners receive a $25.00 gift card. 


 Pool Committee

The Pool Committee assists the Board in taking care of the pool each night i.e. closing the pool at specified hours, straightening chairs, watering the plants.

Architectural Control Committee

The ACC helps to ensure that residents follow the Covenants when it comes to the appearance and upkeep of their property.  When making changes to your home, you are required to submit an ACC form.

Reminder from the Board and ACC

Please remember to submit an ACC Form prior to making any changes to your house or property to the Architectural Control Committee for review and approval. This is a MANDATORY step to any home project that affects the look of your home or lot. This includes but is not limited to the following examples:
  • Removing trees
  • Putting up a new fence
  • Installing new windows
  • Installing a front door
  • Putting in new garage doors
  • Painting your home
  • and many more
Please review the Thornbrook covenants for guidance and email theboard@thronbrookhoa.com with any questions. 


Outdoor Watering Restrictions

The following are current watering guidelines for Cobb County:
  •    Allowed anytime by anyone -
    • Commercial pressure washing 
    • Drip irrigation or soaker-hose 
    • Food gardens 
    • Hand watering (with a shutoff nozzle) 
    • Hydro-seeding 
    • Installation and maintenance of an irrigation system 
    • Irrigation of newly installed turf for the first 30 days 
    • Irrigation of public recreational turf areas 
    • Irrigation of plants for sale 
    • Irrigation of sports fields 
    • Water from a private well 
    • Water from an alternate source (gray water-rain water-condensate)
  • Allowed on odd/even schedule based on address - No hourly restrictions
    • Even = Mon, Wed, Sat
    • Odd = Tues, Thurs, Sun
    • Car washing at home 
    • Charity car washes 
    • Hosing driveways 
    • Outdoor cleaning 
    • Pressure washing by homeowner 
    • Topping-off pools
  • Allowed Daily between 4pm and 10am
    • Automated irrigation systems 
    • Hand watering (without a shut-off nozzle) 
    • Lawn Sprinklers 

Thornbrook Covenant Reminders for 2021

  • Signs of most types are prohibited on our lawns (example: Campaign Signs).
    • Only Exceptions (per Covenants) are:
    • Real Estate For Sale (one per house for sale)
    • Alarm (should be next to front door and visible at the street)
    • Construction signs (during and up to one week after construction is complete)
  • ACC Approval is needed for any repairs or changes to the outside of your house or landscaping. Please refer to the covenants and to our website (ThornbrookHOA.com) for more information and forms. The Board can fine you $25/day for non-compliance.
  • Pool House Restroom Doors have been changed to louver doors to aid in ventilation of the restrooms.
  • Please pick-up after your pets and keep them leashed at all times on all common property… it is the law and is respectful to all our neighbors.
  • Parking on any grass or sidewalk is prohibited. We realize that you are trying to be nice on our narrow streets when you pull your car up on the sidewalk or onto the grass, but you are breaking Cobb County regulations and our covenants. It is unsightly, ruins the grass, leaves ruts, and blocks the sidewalks. Please use your own driveway or ask a friendly neighbor for permission to use their driveway for temporary parking. You may also park at the pool parking lot and get some exercise.
  • It is time to check your Mailbox and Post for winter damage. Most of our mailboxes have a tag that says contact Classy Mailboxes, but that store has closed. The preferred vendor for mailbox repairs, repainting, replacement flags, posts, boxes, new graphics, etc. is B&B Handyman Services, PO Box 393, Clarkdale, GA 30111, 404-630-4525 or 770-653-0807, email: BBhandy@bellsouth.net Remember to paint the post with Rustoleum Gloss Black paint. Cross braces should be purchased through the Board or B&B Handyman Service. We have several in stock.



Yard of the Month - Summer 2021

In addition to receiving the prestigious “Thornbrook Yard of the Month” sign from the Thornbrook Beautification Committee, the Board will be presenting a gift card to the winners over the summer months. A couple reminders about keeping you property looking nice and following our covenants:
  • Bushes and garbage cans should not block sidewalks. 
  • Please cut your shrubs and bushes back at least 6” from the sidewalk so that walkers do not have to move to the grass median to pass. 
  • Garbage cans should not be seen from the street. Please keep them in you garage, behind a fence, or behind your house until pick up day. 
  • Residents delinquent on any dues/assessments or in violation of any Covenants or Bylaws are not eligible.