Mailbox Repair

There are always a number of mailboxes in our neighborhood that need work. This is a “blanket” notification that applies to everyone except those who have had theirs replaced within the last year or so. You can either contract to have the work done, or do it yourself. One of the original installers is still in business as of 2016:
B&B Handyman Services (Danese Adams or Bill Pickering)
404-630-4525 or 770-653-0807
PO Box 393
Clarkdale, GA 30111
If you do choose to do the work yourself, please follow the guidelines below and submit an ACC form which you can find here. Prior to digging, you may want to contact the Georgia Utilities Protection Center by calling 811 or 800-282-7411. It is a free service. They will locate and mark off any underground utilities. If you have any questions, feel free to email the THOA at