Pool and Tennis Info

Pool and Tennis Keycard Distribution

 Each residence is issued one (1) key card that will provide access to both the pool and tennis courts. Please contact a Board member at theboard@thornbrookhoa.com and schedule an appointment to pick up a keycard and for keycard distribution times. 

 Please note the following:
   • A charge of $50 will apply for any lost or misplaced key cards.
Pool Improvements


The Board has received several complaints in the past regarding the pool:

  • People from other neighborhoods are jumping the fence and using the pool.
  • The pool surface needed repair.
  • Neighbors want the option to be able to eat at the pool.
  • Outside neighbors are dumping their garbage in the pool garbage cans.
The following improvements were made to address these issues:
  • The fence surrounding the pool was replaced and raised to provide added security in 2015.
  • Pool bathrooms were renovated and pool chairs were recovered in 2014.
  • The pool cover was replaced in 2013 and a new shower was added to comply with Cobb County health codes.  Also, a new drinking fountain and telephone were installed.
  • Built an enclosure for pool garbage cans to prevent dumping from outside neighbors in 2013.
  • The pool area has been expanded. Food is only allowed under the pergola area. This has made it compliant with Cobb County health codes. Permanent signs were installed with this message in 2012.
  • The pool has been resurfaced. Instead of simply re-plastering, the board settled on a product called Pebble Tech which has a 15 year warranty.
  • Pergola has been expanded. Painting and electrical was completed during the summer of 2012. The awning was installed during the 2012 fall workday.
  • Grill was installed
  • Surveillance cameras have been placed around the pool and parking lot.  Signs have been placed at the pool and neighborhood entrance stating that the neighborhood is under surveillance. These cameras have assisted police in catching vandals in the parking lot.

If you wish to reserve space under the pergola for a celebration, such as a birthday party for you child, please contact a Board member for approval. You may reserve the space under the pergola, but not the entire pool. Please make sure all guests follow the rules as outlined below.

Pool Rules and Regulations

• Pool hours are:
    Sunday - Friday   8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
    Saturday   8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
• There is no lifeguard on duty at the pool.  Swim at your own risk.
• Pool is for Thornbrook residents only.  ALL non-residents, unless accompanied by a Thornbrook homeowner, will be asked to leave.
* A homeowner may bring 3 guests at any one time.
• All children 15 years and younger MUST be accompanied by an adult.
• ALL babies MUST wear plastic swim diapers when in the pool.
• No running, diving, boisterous or rough play allowed.
• Food and drinks are permitted in pavilion area ONLY based on health code restrictions(*).
• Noise level must be so it does not disturb others.
• Please keep gates locked at all times.
• No smoking, vaping or drug use.
• Persons with communicable disease, skin, eye, or nasal infections should NOT enter pool.
• No animals permitted in pool area at any time.
• Absolutely no glass permitted in pool area.
• Evacuation of the pool area is required during rain, thunder, or lightning storms.
• Maximum number of swimmers in the pool shall not exceed 50 persons.
• No skateboards, bikes, or scooters are allowed in the pool area.
• Appropriate swimwear must be worn at all times (no cut-offs, diapers, etc.).
• Please keep the restrooms clean, pick up trash before you leave, and return all furniture to its proper place(s).

* Source: O.C.G.A. - 290-5-57-.21 Food Service: 2) Eating, drinking and smoking shall not be permitted within the waters of the pool, spa or
recreational water park but are permitted on the deck area at a distance of least ten feet (10') horizontally away from the water’s edge. Editor:
This regulation effectively bans food from virtually all of the Thornbrook Pool fenced in area, except for the garden area and part of the pergola,
which makes a full ban the most practical solution.

Additional Pool Information

Please email theboard@thornbrookhoa.com for information regarding pool keycard distribution times and to volunteer to help maintain the pool premises. Residents not current on their annual HOA dues will have their keycards deactivated. Please do not let anyone claiming they forgot their keycard, etc. into the pool. People that DO NOT live here frequently try to gain access to our pool. 

Thank you!


Tennis Court Repair

Current Summary:

 Tennis lights were installed in the summer of 2012. Additional projects included moving the light switch so that only residents can turn it on/off. The Board had planned on screens on the fencing to block reflected light from reaching neighbors across the pond, but this project is currently on hold. The following info below is some Q&A on the repair work that has been undertaken over the past couple years.

The information below was communicated in 2010. The tennis courts had many cracks and needed repair. The cracks were due to the builder not properly laying the foundation of the court. Since the court is sitting on clay, the expansion and contraction of water during the warm and freezing months cause cracks to appear and get worse over time. One of our neighbors, Marc Weldon, took initiative in getting the courts in good shape and maintaining them going forward. He did some initial research which is published below. We decided on Option #3, although Signature Tennis did the work at the same price without the help from HOA and volunteers. 

Option 1:  Total court replacement using Signature Tennis:  ~$45,000

     - This includes complete teardown of our courts, new proper foundation, new asphalt, new surfacing, nets, posts and straps

     - Signature Tennis did not recommend replacement of our courts

Option 2:  Court Crack repair and resurface by Signature Tennis:    ~$18,000

Option 3:  Court Crack repair by HOA and resurface by Signature Tennis:   ~$9,500

Additional Options:

Lights: $14,000-$15,000 which includes ~14 high efficiency lights, all electrical hookups, inspections, turn off timer and a total of 9 light poles. (no ripping up of courts for pole in center of court)

Court Situation: 

Our courts, although not too bad are displaying a large amount of seam and non seam cracking (about +/- 900 linear ft).  This means that our courts were not laid down to spec as a tennis court should have been and the foundation is settling over time enough to result in the cracks we see now.  This same situation exists for about 90% of all residential tennis courts across the southeast as builders do not want to go the extra 10% to do it right and leave the HOA's to deal with the problem 5-10 years after they move on.  Our courts are no exception either. 

Is our foundation terribly laid down? no (our situation is endemic of most residential courts in the southeast.)

Is the cracking catastrophic? No, but it does need to be remedied soon at least before week roots or freezing water do work their way into the cracks and make a moderately bad situation really serious and force a complete tear down and replacement.

Do we repair or replace?  We can do either at this point but they exist at two "very" different price points.  Roughly $10K-$18K to repair and resurface vs $45K for replacement.

Why the $10K-$18K variance for repair and resurface? We can cut the price almost in half by performing the crack repair labor, using a product called Crack Span, ourselves with step by step advisement from Signature Tennis. $10K = Us installing the CrackSpan and Signature Tennis performing the resurfacing.

What is CrackSpan?  CrackSpan is a product developed for the very problem we are having with our courts. Luckily we do not have any vertical displacement in our cracks showing that while our foundation is not perfect, it is settling evenly thus far and should continue to do so. The product consists of a base filling agent to fill the crack, an expandable membrane to cover and hold the crack in place and a top coat to secure and blend the edges of the membrane.  Vaguely similar to taping a sheet-rock seam but this solution expands and contracts with the court during heat and seasonal cycling.

Will CrackSpan be visible after patching? No, not when accompanied by a resurfacing.

Will it stop cracks from growing? It will stop cracks from widening and may slow growth, but the cracks will continue to grow as the foundation continues to settle.  At that point the crack can be filled with acrylic if small enough or additional crackspan will be used to patch it until the crack stops.

How long will the crackspan last? indefinately as long as the courts are resurfaced every 4-6 years or as when the surface requires it.

How often will we need to reapply crackspan?  every 1-3 years depending on severity of cracks

Will resurfacing need to be applied every time we repair cracks?  only on the location of the crack repair

Can we perform the crackspan ourselves?  Yes, with advisement on each stage by a foreman from Signature Tennis

How long will the crackspan application take? 2 complete days

How many of us will it take?  Approximately 4-6

Do we need lights to participate in ALTA, USTA, Ultimate Tennis?  yes, our courts do not grandfather in under any clause

How much is the ongoing cost of lights?  2$ to 3$/hr.  Bulbs are a couple hundred a piece I believe and you can just put them on a replacement rotation after their first 4 years.

Will the lights disturb the residents across the pond?  Possibly, however the lights are specifically designed for neigborhoods where there is minimal dispersion of light outside the court, this can be further allieviated by adding windscreens to block light and sound reflection off of the courts.  Also cyprus trees could be planted on the backside and pond side of the courts and will block most all light and sound after several years of growth.  Furthermore, the lights installation will include a turn off timer we can set at any point in the evening.

Can we install pay as you go lights?  those have been out of use since the advent of the high efficiency lights...about 20 years, but I will look into it.

What color will courts be resurfaces?  Any color we want...  Chartreuse anyone?  However, the latest rage in court color, and the standard set by the USTA is green surrounds with blue court.  Like it or not our courts will be looked down upon by the tennis snobs if it is not.  The classic red outside with green courts are considered "old school" now...  I guess we stay with the times and go blue and green.