Selling Your Home

First of all, we are going to miss you! Secondly, while you are sprucing up your home to sell, please provide copies of our Covenants and Bylaws to your Realtor as soon as you list your property. If you have lost your copies, please contact:

Thornbrook HOA, Inc.
3595 Canton Road Suite 312-238 
Marietta, GA 30066

or contact for a copy of each. There is a $5.00 fee for copies and the closing letter as well as a capital contribution fund contribution equal to the yearly dues. This money goes towards maintaining the neighborhood and needed improvements.  Leasing or renting of the residence is strictly prohibited. Declaration of Covenants Section 6.2.2

The “Closing Letter” from the Thornbrook Homeowners Association is required prior to your closing as it indicates the state of your dues, assessments, and fines with the Association. You must also leave your pool and/or tennis key for the new homeowner. Your closing attorney will need to request the letter from the via EMAIL 3-5 days prior to the closing. Do not wait until the day of the closing to request it because you may have to postpone the closing without the Closing Letter.

Feel free to use this website as a selling point in your listing. It demonstrates a commitment to update and maintain a great neighborhood!