Thornbrook Design Standards

The Declaration of Protective Covenants for Thornbrook Subdivision provides for a design review process through which an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) must approve property improvements. This provision applies to both new construction as well as any exterior modification of existing homes/properties, and was created for the sole purpose of achieving harmony, balance and a high standard of quality within the community.

These guidelines provide and explain the regulations (see our covenant Sections 6.5 through 6.26) for architectural control by the association. The controls are not established to stifle your individual creativity, but rather to assure that the integrity of the original community design is preserved. Common problems can arise over such issues as fences, external color of homes, additions, antennas and children's play equipment.

As members of the association, it is important that you are familiar with the standards that you agreed to work within when you purchased your home. Your home and community are an extremely valuable asset, which we all must work together to preserve and enhance.


EXTERIOR BUILDING ALTERATIONS: A request must be submitted for all exterior building alterations. These include, but are not limited to: Painting, roofing, storm doors, front doors, awnings, driveways, porches, patios, decks, hot tubs, and room additions.  A paint sample must be submitted and must have a Light Reflective Value (LRV) of 50 or less. Trim colors must be complementary to the materials of the house (brick, stucco, and siding) and  must be approved by the ACC. Upon approval, any of the above improvements should be completed within a 45-day period. Shake style siding was approved in 2013.

FENCES: The finished side of the fence must face outward from the owner's lot and support side should face owner's lot. Fences must not exceed 6' and be natural in color. Chain link fences are prohibited. No backyard fences will be approved on Lake Lots (Christacy Way). Please submit all fence types for approval.

MAILBOXES:See Mailbox Repair Page for details.

SIGNS: No signs of any type (other than security signs and real estate signs) may be installed without approval of the ACC.   This includes political signs, real estate directional signs, and business signs.

SATELLITE DISHES / ANTENNAS: Approval of location should be obtained by the ACC. In general, the dish should not be seen from the street if possible.

LANDSCAPING: Lawns must be kept mowed and edged during the growing season.  Make sure grass clippings are not left on driveways and streets. Maintain mulch in beds. Before planting trees, consider the mature size of the tree based upon your lot and the adjoining lot.   Decorative embellishments, including landscape lighting, must be ACC approved. Any tools or items stored under a back deck or porch should also be screened from view, including woodpiles.

GARAGE SALES: Individual yard or garage sales are prohibited (see Covenants) except on two dates set each year by the Board of Directors. Check the website calendar or contact a Board member for details. 

BASKETBALL GOALS: Portable basketball goals can be used in driveways; however, they must be placed out of sight when not in use.

PARKING: No vehicles may be parked on streets or front lawns. All parking in the pool parking area is subject to the approval of the Thornbrook Board of Directors. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed.

GARBAGE CANS: Garbage cans must be removed from driveways on the same day as pickup and stored out of sight so they are not visible from the street.  American Disposal Servies is our neighborhood provider and billed via the Thornbrook HOA. This service is mandatory and cannot be opted out of. They provide a slightly lower fee through a neighborhood contract.

 The benefits to the neighborhood: 

    • One company coming through on one day rather than trucks from 4 different carriers coming through 5 days a week.  
    • Pickup for the Homeowners Association garbage cans at the pool is free.