Garbage Pickup Q&A

Garbage is currently billed to each resident by the HOA.  The board often receives questions regarding what American Disposal Services will and will not pick up. If you have questions like this about the service you can reference the American Disposal FAQ page located here:

Here are some general tips regarding putting out your trash:
  • Garbage and recycling pick-up is on Wednesday mornings. See the Calendar in the menu to the left for details.
  • Cans should be left in the curb with the opening facing the street.  If you're not sure which side constitutes " the opening", it's the side that has the metal bar. This enables the driver to pick up the can by means of an automated grapple without having to leave the truck cab. 
  • Please leave a foot or so between the garbage can and recycling can so the grapple will be able to engage them.  Keep in mind that the grapple must be able to reach the cans, so please don’t put the cans behind or alongside your vehicle. 
  • Once your garbage has been picked up, the cans should not be visible from the street. The ACC (Architectural Control Committee) has been very lenient in enforcing this rule, but will be issuing warnings and fines going forward. If you can see your garbage cans when you stand in the street in front of your house, you are in violation.  

If you have any further questions please reference the information below. If you have any issues with service, please contact the Thornbrook HOA Board at


1. What company are we using for the garbage pick-up?
• American Disposal Services -


2. When is this new service going to be effective?
• Service began July 1, 2011.


3. What do I need to do?
• Address all payments to the Thornbrook HOA. Do not send money directly to American Disposal Services. 

Thornbrook HOA
PO Box 671362 
Marietta, GA 30066

4. What is this service going to cost me?
• This service is going to be added to our yearly Association fee and is an additional $11 per month when paid in full for the year ($132/year). If you are currently paying quarterly for trash collection, you can choose to continue to do so at the rate of $34.50/quarter. This price covers both Trash and Recycling; each house receives one 95-Gallon roll cart for trash and one 95-Gallon roll cart for Recycling.

Billing: Trash and Recycling is billed as part of the annual dues. If you choose to pay quarterly, this is fine, but you must pay in advance. At this time, invoices are not sent out unless you are late with your payment. Due dates are as follows:

  • Quarter 1 Jan - March: due end of December previous year
  • Quarter 2 April - June: due end of March
  • Quarter 3 July - September: due end of June
  • Quarter 4 October - December: due end of September
 5. What is the collection schedule?

• Garbage and recycling pickup happens every week on Wednesday. See the THOA Calendar for details. Item #11 addresses holidays.


6. What time will the garbage be picked up?
• American Disposal Services recommends putting the garbage out the night before, as the pick-up will likely happen before 8 AM.


7. Can I use my own garbage cans?
• Yes – American Disposal Services does not require special garbage cans.


8. Will bulk items be picked up? When?
• Please contact American Disposal Services.

Note: American Disposal Services will not pick up construction debris.


9. Will yard waste be picked up? How about Christmas Trees?
• Yes – you can put up to 10 bags of leaves and/or grass out every week for Pickup. You must use landscape (paper) bags.
• One Christmas tree per house, in four foot sections. There is an additional charge of $10 per each additional tree per home, but the first one is free.


10. Who should I contact if my garbage doesn’t get picked up or if I need a new garbage can?
• Please contact American Disposal Services Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm at 678-720-0500.

11. What happens to our garbage pick-up on Monday when the holiday falls on a Monday (e.g., Memorial Day)?
• If a holiday falls on the service day (Wednesday), service will be delayed by one day (between the hours of 7AM and 7PM). For example, if New Year’s Day falls on a Wednesday, then the next garbage pickup will be on the Tuesday of that week.


12. What happens if there is a snow storm on the normal garbage pickup days?
• Depending on the weather, American Disposal Services will make an attempt to pick up the garbage. If the weather prevents them from picking up the garbage, they will come back on the next day. For example, if a snow storm prevents pick up on Wednesday, American Disposal Services will be by on Thursday.


13. Due to a large family, I will need additional Trash/Recycle roll cart. Can I request extra roll carts?
• As some individuals may have unique personal requirements and may need to use extra trash carts, the Board has included the option for these homeowners to add extra carts at the flat rate of $5 more per month.


14. Can I opt out the trash collection service and/or recycling?

• Trash collection with American Disposal Services has been set as a neighborhood-wide service/amenity. This service will be billed within the annual dues and it is equal to any other neighborhood-wide amenity, like access to the Pool and Tennis courts.

Note: No homeowner is exempt from paying the annual assessment even for “non-use” of any amenity or service provided by the Association as part of the annual budget, as Article 4, Section 4.5 on the Thornbrook Covenants provides that “each Owner of a Residence, by acceptance of a deed for a Residence” covenants and agrees to pay the annual assessment.  It does not state that each Owner of a Residence who only uses some of the Association’s services is authorized to pay only a portion of the annual assessment.  But rather, Article 4, Section 4.7 of the Declaration expressly provides that the annual assessment must be fixed at a uniform rate for ALL Residences.


15. What specific statutes of the Thornbrook Covenants specify that the board can bill the houses for Trash Collection services?

 •Pursuant to Paragraph 4 of the Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions and Easements for Thornbrook Subdivision (“Declaration”), as amended, each Owner of a Residence, by acceptance of a deed for a Residence in the Thornbrook community, covenants and agrees to pay the Association annual assessments and special assessments as authorized by Article 4, Sections 4.4 and 4.5 of the Declaration to be charged by the Thornbrook Homeowners Association, Inc. (“Association”) for the purpose of “providing for the common good and general welfare of the people of the community”.  Per Article 4, Section 4.2 of the Declaration, the assessments levied by the Association may be used for such items as: security, the acquisition, construction, improvement, maintenance and equipping of the Common Property, the enforcement of the Restrictions contained in the Declaration, the enforcement of the Design Standards of the ACC, the payment of operating costs and expenses of the Association and the payment of principal and interest on all debts of the Association, although Section 4.2 also expressly states that the assessments are not limited to just this list of services to be provided by said assessments.  Additionally, Article 4, Section 4.6 of the Declaration provides that the Board shall establish the annual assessment for each Assessment year, and the Board shall also establish the annual budget which shall list the estimated operating expenses and shall contain an amount to be set aside each year into a reserve allowance to be used for future repair and replacement of the Common Property. 

•Since the Board of Directors is authorized to both determine the common expenses that will go into the annual budget, and to set the annual assessments therefore, the Board is authorized to include a line item for trash removal service if the Board deems it to be in the best interests of the community to provide such a service, and so long as said service is offered to all homeowners the costs of said service may be included in the annual assessment.